Restoran Tinel

good food and luxury accomondation
in center of town

Welcome to Tinel!

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In the Mediterranean, on the Adriatic coast – whether it was Istria, Kvarner or Dalmatia, there was always a space that existed in each household where family gathered, guests were treated, events were celebrated, parties were held, stories from the past were retold and where important conversations took place.

That space was called “Tinel” .

Even today, local people in coastal areas, call their modern living rooms a Tinel.

Tinel is a place where we feel the warmth and comfort of home and to make the pleasure greater – a combination of good food, specialties, a good glass of wine and a host who will accommodate you with gusto does not hurt.

They say that your NAME defines you from the start.

That is why TINEL (now it is a lot clearer) could not be called any different.

TINEL is that little piece of home even when you are far away from your home.

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We offer traditional Mediterranean cuisine in a classic, but also a creative way, excellent olive oil and wine of the Zadar area.

If you’re looking for pasta, pizza, salads, meat or fish, you will find them here. Join us, relax and enjoy.